Class 6    India History    Example [IH-6.1]

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Q 1. The time in which we live is the ----------.
  • present
  • past
  • future
  • middle
Q2. The time that precedes the present is called the ----------.
  • present
  • future
  • middle
  • past
Q3. ---------- is a coherent account of the significant events of the past.
  • geography
  • human evaluation
  • history
  • science
Q4. History is generally divided into three periods - ancient, medieval and ----------.
  • antediluvian
  • modern
  • bygone
  • eventual
Q5. We learn about the progress made by our ancestors through the study of ----------.
  • history
  • rocks
  • ancient homes
  • geography
Q6. In the system commonly used today, time is measured from the year ---------- was born.
  • Socrates
  • Aeschylus
  • Jesus Christ
  • Alexander the Great
Q7. How would you write 100 years after the birth of Jesus Christ ?
  • 50 AD
  • 150 AD
  • 100 BC
  • 100 AD
Q8. What is the full term of 'AD' in history ?
  • Anno Domini
  • After Domini
  • Anno Death
  • After Dimia
Q9. What does 'Anno Domini' mean ?
  • When the sunrises
  • In the year of the Lord
  • After the Sun Set
  • In the middle of the Sun
Q10. The period from AD 1 to AD 100 is the ---------- of the Christian era.
  • one century
  • 100th Century
  • Start of the Year
  • First Century
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