Class 6    India History    Example [IH-6.2]

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Q 1. Sources of history are of three types which are - material sources, written sources and ----------.
  • oral sources
  • literary sources
  • archaeological evidence
  • inscriptions
Q2. A number of articles used by man in the past still exist, they are known as ----------.
  • autobiographies
  • historical remains
  • illustrations
  • polemical writings
Q3. Which of the following are sources of history ?

     (a)  Ancient coins   (b)  Forts   (c)  Ancient art faces   (d)  Modern buildings
  • a, c, d
  • c, d
  • a, b, c
  • b, c
Q4. Scientific methods used to bring the historic remains out from the ground, is known as ----------.
  • radiocarbon dating
  • archaeological excavation
  • paleography
  • tephrochronology
Q5. Archaeology is the science of the study of ----------.
  • volcanic ash
  • stone tools
  • organic materials
  • ancient remains
Q6. Which of the following is/are example(s) of historical material sources ?

     (a)  The ornaments and art faces
     (b)  Remains of houses
     (c)  Modern building
     (d)  Lighting systems
  • a, b
  • b, c
  • a, d
  • c, d
Q7. Which of the following is/are example(s) of written historical sources ?

     (a)  Folk tales
     (b)  Inscription on the walls of temple
     (c)  Stone tools
     (d)  Inscription on the stones
  • c, d
  • b, d
  • a, c
  • b, c
Q8. Which of the following is/are example(s) of oral historical sources ?

     (a)  Inscription on the walls of temple   (b)  Volcanic ash   (c)  Folk tales   (d)  Folk songs
  • b, c
  • a, c
  • c, d
  • b, d
Q9. In the beginning, the stone tools were not perishable and they are found today on a large scale. This early period is therefore named as the ----------.
  • stone age
  • bronze age
  • formative
  • imperial period
Q10. During the Stone age, man steadily made progress in the technique of making ----------.
  • poetic work
  • clay vessels
  • food
  • tools and weapons
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