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Q 1. Harappa laid the foundation of the ---------- civilization.
  • Indian
  • Egyptian
  • Peru
  • Mediterranean
Q2. The Vedic civilization flourished in ---------- India.
  • north-east
  • north-west
  • south-east
  • south-west
Q3. The most remarkable feature of the Vedic civilization is their ----------.
  • paintings
  • iron idols
  • literature
  • vessels
Q4. Please state True or False: People belonging to the Vedic period composed beautiful verses in Sanskrit since the earliest times.
  • TRUE
  • blank
  • blank
Q5. Which is the first composition in Vedas ?
  • Yajurveda
  • Rigveda
  • Samaveda
  • Atharvaveda
Q6. Each verse of the Vedas is known as ----------.
  • mantras (slogan)
  • yajur (sacrifice)
  • richa (praise)
  • seers (visions)
Q7. The Rigveda verses contain very poetic description of ----------.
  • nature
  • fire
  • cloud
  • science
Q8. The Yajurveda contains information about ----------.
  • mantras (slogan)
  • yajna (sacrifice)
  • seere (vision)
  • richa (praise)
Q9. Which was/were the corps cultivated in the Harappa civilization ?
  • Legumes
  • Cotton
  • Barley
  • All of the above
Q10. The Vedic civilization in India is the civilization of people who composed the ----------.
  • Vedas
  • Mantras (slogan)
  • Richa (praise)
  • Seere (vision)
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