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Q 1. Yajurveda includes the ---------- used in yajnas and also their explanation in prose.
  • richa (praise)
  • mantras (slogan)
  • Seere (vision)
  • yajur (sacrifice)
Q2. Samaveda is considered to be the foundation of ----------.
  • classical dance
  • philosophy
  • Indian music
  • spiritual destination
Q3. The Arthavaveda provides ----------.
  • philosophy
  • spiritual knowledge
  • teaching ancient music
  • agriculture best practices
Q4. The Brahmanas were composed to explain the use of ----------- in rituals.
  • flowers
  • holy water
  • fire
  • Vedas
Q5. Aranyakas are works composed in ----------.
  • Puspa (flower)
  • aranyas (forest)
  • Nada (great river)
  • Vayu (air)
Q6. The term 'Upanishad' indicates knowledge acquired by sitting at the feet of the teacher ?
  • Blank
  • Blank
  • TRUE
Q7. Profound questions such as the creation of the universe, the nature of God, etc. are discussed in ----------.
  • Upnishad
  • Vedas
  • The Bible
  • The Vendidad
Q8. What was the main occupation of the people living in the Ganga-Yamuna basin during the Vedic period in India.
  • Teaching
  • Scribes
  • Priests and Priestesses
  • Agriculture
Q9. In the Vedic period, farmers gave one-sixth part of their produce to the king, by way of ----------.
  • donation
  • tax
  • protection
  • home
Q10. Who among the below, was the head of the state in the Vedic period.
  • Queen
  • Lord
  • King
  • Citizen
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