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Q 1. People in the Vedic period used ---------- and ---------- garments.
  • cotton, woollen
  • leather, cotton
  • silk, leather
  • woollen, silk
Q2. ----------, a kind of pendant was popular in Vedic period.
  • Amulets
  • Nishka
  • Talisman
  • Medallion
Q3. Some of the main musical instruments in the Vedic period included ----------.
     (a)  veena     (b)  damru     (c)  mridanga     (d)  cymbals
  • a, c
  • a, b, c
  • a, b, c, d
  • b, c
Q4. People in Vedic period realized that all things in nature follow a definite pattern, they termed this regular pattern in nature as ----------.
  • rita
  • weather
  • climate
  • rain
Q5. The sages who sought to know how the universe was created maintained that the entire universe originated from a single primal principle called ----------.
  • Purusha
  • nature
  • sun
  • sat
Q6. Society in the Vedic period was ----------.
  • matriarchal
  • patriarchal
  • bishop
  • well connected
Q7. According to the Jain tradition, a person who reveals principles of religion is known as the ----------.
  • Tirthankar
  • Buddhism
  • Shvetambar
  • Digambar
Q8. Where did Mahavir was born ?
  • Kapilavastu, Nepal
  • Tanahun, Nepal
  • Kundagram, Bihar (India)
  • Mahendragiri, Odisha (India)
Q9. Mahavir had conquered all bodily desires, hence people called him ----------.
  • Marichi
  • Nayasar
  • Vishvabuthi
  • Jin
Q10. State True or False: "Mahavir considered non-violence to be the greatest principle." ?
  • TRUE
  • Blank
  • Blank
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