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Q1. The relation of two objects being congruent is called ---------------.
  • supplement
  • congruence
  • opposite
  • directional
Q2. Largest angle of a triangle is 30 degrees more than twice of the smallest angle. Find all the three angles of the triangle when the third angle is 10 degrees more than the smallest angle ?
  • smallest angle = 25o, largest angle = 110o, third angle 45o
  • smallest angle = 50o, largest angle = 80o, third angle 50o
  • smallest angle = 35o, largest angle = 100o, third angle 45o
  • smallest angle = 40o, largest angle = 100o, third angle 50o
Q3. Please select the correct option by applying SAS congruence rule on the below diagram.
     Complete the magic square
  • ∆KJL ≅ ∆OMN
  • ∆KJL ≅ ∆MON
  • ∆KLJ ≅ ∆NMO
  • ∆KJL ≅ ∆NMO
Q4. A pair of angles having common vertex is called as ---------------.
  • opposite angle
  • adjacent angle
  • congruent angle
  • same angle
Q5. How many end point(s) a ray has ?
  • One
  • Two
  • Three
  • None
Q6. 73o angle is the complement of the which of the below angles ?
  • 27o
  • 107o
  • 13o
  • 17o
Q7. If ∆PQR ≅ ∆ABC, which part of ∆ABC corresponds to the line PR ?
  • Line BC
  • Line AB
  • Line AC
  • Line PQ
Q8. ABC is a right angle triangle. Identify angle x if angle 1 is 45o ?
     Complete the magic square
  • 135o
  • 45o
  • 105o
  • 125o
Q9. How many medians can a triangle have?
  • 6
  • 3
  • 5
  • 2
Q10. State True or False: "A triangle can have two right angles".
  • Blank
  • Blank
  • TRUE
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