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Q1. How many end points a line segment has ?
  • One
  • Two
  • Three
  • None
Q2. Which of the following pair of angles are supplement to each other ?
     identify missing angles from a diagram
  • B and D
  • A and B
  • A and C
  • B and C
Q3. From the below pair of angles, please identify which pair is complementary ?
  • 45o, 45o
  • 55o, 45o
  • 45o, 40o
  • 145o, 35o
Q4. Below are the measurements of two congruent triangles. Select correct triangle names based on the details provided:
Triangle 1: XZ = 3.5 cm, ZY = 4.5 cm, ∠Z = 50o
Triangle 2: PQ = 3.5 cm, QR = 4.5 cm, ∠Q = 50o
  • ∆XYZ and ∆PRQ
  • ∆XZY and ∆RPQ
  • ∆XYZ and ∆PQR
  • ∆XZY and ∆PQR
Q5. State True or False: "Two obtuse angles can be complement to each other".
  • TRUE
  • Blank
  • Blank
Q6. Identify the linear pair of angles in the below diagram ?
     identify missing angles from a diagram
  • Picture C
  • Picture A
  • Picture B
  • Picture D
Q7. Among two supplementary angles the measure of smaller angle is 35o less than the larger angle. Find their measures.
  • Smaller angle = 75 degrees, bigger angle = 105 degrees
  • Smaller angle = 82.5 degrees, bigger angle = 97.5 degrees
  • Smaller angle = 62.5 degrees, bigger angle = 117.5 degrees
  • Smaller angle = 72.5 degrees, bigger angle = 107.5 degrees
Q8. If ∆PQR ≅ ∆XYZ, which part of ∆PQR corresponds to the line XY ?
  • Line QR
  • Line PR
  • Line PQ
  • None of these
Q9. In the below diagram, can we say that angle AOB and angles BOC are adjacent angles?
     identify missing angles from a diagram
  • No
  • Yes
  • Insufficient data
  • Blank
Q10. When two angles are complementary, sum of their angles will be ---------------.
  • 150o
  • 180o
  • 90o
  • 120o
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