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Q 1. Which of the following is/are natural resource(s) ?
  • Air
  • Plants
  • Minerals
  • All of these
Q2. 20 August is observed as ---------- day in India.
  • Akshayya Urja
  • Independence Day
  • Republic Day
  • World Laughter Day
Q3. It takes thousands of years for a ---------- of soil to be formed.
  • kilogram
  • minerals
  • unit
  • layer
Q4. Some crops are grown using sand, brickbats or sawdust. This is called ----------.
  • sand agriculture
  • soilless agriculture
  • waterless agriculture
  • harvesting
Q5. ---------- gas causes heat to be trapped in the earth's atmosphere.
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Sulphur dioxide
  • Methane
  • Carbon dioxide
Q6. Which of the following natural resource is renewable ?
  • Water
  • Soil
  • Animals
  • Air
Q7. ---------- are also an integral part of a forest.
  • Soil
  • Water
  • Paper
  • Animals
Q8. We must use a fuel like ---------- rather than fuels, which are getting depleted.
  • kerosene
  • CNG
  • petrol
  • diesel
Q9. Which of the following natural resource(s) is/are non-renewal ?
  • Plants
  • Soil
  • Animals
  • None
Q10. The trapping of heat in the earth's atmosphere causes the danger of ----------.
  • global warming
  • acid rain
  • pollution
  • population
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