Class 8    Geography    Example [GEO-8.2]

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Q 1. The method of drawing the graticule on a flat piece of paper is called ----------.
  • cartography
  • map projection
  • topographic
  • climate map
Q2. The line on a map joining places of equal values is called an ----------.
  • isoline
  • longitude
  • latitude
  • hemispheres
Q3. ---------- are used for launching things in space.
  • Satellite
  • Accretion disks
  • Jet stream
  • Rockets
Q4. Preparing and updating maps has become easier through ----------.
  • roadmaps
  • climate change
  • global positioning system (GPS)
  • satellites
Q5. Collusion of two satellites has occurred in ----------.
  • February 2009
  • March 2010
  • February 2006
  • May 2009
Q6. To send an object from earth into space, it is necessary to move it beyond the ---------- of the earth.
  • nuclear forces
  • gravitational limits
  • latitude limits
  • antarctic circle
Q7. The isoline for the distribution of rainfall is called as ----------.
  • isobars
  • isotherm
  • isohyets
  • isohels
Q8. Collecting information about a region without establishing any physical contact with it, is called ----------.
  • remote sensing
  • global positioning
  • weathering
  • isohyets
Q9. In 1969, India launched its first rocket from ----------.
  • Balasore
  • Jingyu
  • Delmarva Peninsula
  • Thumba
Q10. With the help of ----------, we have been able to obtain information about the atmosphere, solar energy, space, extent of universe, etc.
  • rockets
  • nuclear forces
  • space technology
  • climate change
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