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Q 1. The isolines for elevation are called ----------.
  • Bar scale
  • Cartography
  • Contours
  • Legend
Q2. Through satellites, we can get images of the earth's surface from space. In this technique, a portion of the ---------- from visible to infrared is utilized.
  • ozone layer
  • spectrum of light
  • rainy clouds
  • sunlight
Q3. The contour lines collectively give an idea about the ---------- of a land.
  • consistency
  • population
  • slope
  • scale
Q4. The crust, the ---------- and the ---------- are three divisions (parts) of the interior of the earth.
  • mantle, core
  • latitude, longitude
  • north pole, south pole
  • outer core, inner core
Q5. The isoline for the distribution of temperature is called as ----------.
  • isobathytherm
  • isochrone
  • isogeotherm
  • isotherm
Q6. The outermost layer of the earth formed of ----------, which is called ----------.
  • water, crust
  • solid rocks, crust
  • air, outer core
  • solid rocks, core
Q7. On a map, if the contour lines with higher values are close to one another, and those with low values move far away from one another, it indicates a ---------- slope.
  • concave
  • convex
  • straight
  • none of these
Q8. Isolines indicate the distribution of variables like temperature, ----------, ----------, salinity, etc.
  • slope, area
  • rainfall, cloud
  • rainfall, pressure
  • humidity, climate
Q9. The lithosphere is about ---------- Kilometre thick.
  • 110
  • 120
  • 125
  • 100
Q10. Equidistant contour lines on a map indicate a ---------- slope.
  • uniform
  • concave
  • convex
  • none of these
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