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Q 1. Which of the following are two parts of the crust ?
  • Sial and Sima
  • Mantle, Core
  • Latitude, Longitude
  • Outer core, Inner core
Q2. When the contour lines on a map are far away from one another, they indicate a ---------- slope.
  • concave
  • convex
  • circular
  • gentle
Q3. The method of representing the ---------- on a flat piece of paper is called map projection.
  • Axis
  • Graticule
  • Bearing
  • Coordinates
Q4. The isoline for the distribution of pressure is called as ----------.
  • Isobars
  • Isobath
  • Isochasm
  • Isodose
Q5. The division below the crust is called the ----------.
  • Outer core
  • Inner core
  • Isohyets
  • Mantle
Q6. The upper portion of crust is called ----------.
  • Asthenosphere
  • Sial
  • Outer core
  • Lithosphere
Q7. When isolines are close to one another, it indicates a ---------- in the given factor.
  • pressure increase
  • slow change
  • rapid change
  • heavy rain
Q8. The rocks in sima layer consist of the compounds of ---------- and ----------.
  • iron and bronze
  • silica and sodium
  • copper and magnesium
  • silica, magnesium
Q9. The line on a map joining points of same elevation is called a ----------.
  • Equator
  • Contour line
  • Nautical Mile
  • Shoreline
Q10. The layer below Sial is called ----------.
  • Felsic
  • Asthenosphere
  • Sima
  • Lithosphere
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