Class 2    Math    Counting objects in different shapes
Counting numbers and objects based question

Question: Look at the below shapes and different objects they are containing:


Answer following questions based on your observation:

  1. Which of the following shapes is carrying only one type of objects and which shape is carrying all types of objects
  2. What is total number of apples in all the shapes
  3. There are how many ducks in the rectangle
  4. Which shape is containing maximum number of objects

Answer: These types of problems need good observation skills. Let us look at the diagram closely and answer the four questions:

1. In this question you need to pay attention in the each shape and understand how may different types of objects they contain. Let us see what are the different types of objects first. There are four different types of objects namely, Apple, Hat, Stars and Ducks.

As we know all types of objects, it’s now simple to observe which of the following objects are present in each shape. Let us write each shape and all the objects it contain as below:

Square – Apple, Duck, Hat
Rectangle – Hat, Apple, Star, Duck
Circle – Star
Triangle – Duck, Star

From above chart we see that Rectangle contains all four objects and Circle is containing only star.

2. Here, we need to count total number of apples in all the shapes. As we can see that apples are present only in Square and Rectangle. In Square, there are 18 apples and in Rectangle, there is only one apple. Now, we will add 18 and 1 to calculate total numbers of apples in all the shapes, which is 19.

3. This question is very specific to Rectangle only and we need to only count the number of ducks in rectangle. This is very easy as we see that there is only duck in the rectangle.

4. This question is related to overall count of objects in any particular shape. Here we do not need to pay attention to any particular object. Let us write all the shapes and count of objects next to it as shown below:

Square – 20 objects
Rectangle – 18 objects
Circle – 12 objects
Triangle – 10 objects

By calculating the total number of objects, it is very clear that Square contains maximum number of objects.