Class 3    Math    Addition and Subtraction
Addition and Subtraction based question

Question: In a cricket match, first three batsmen scored 115 runs in total. If the first batsman scored 23 runs, second batsman scored 51 runs then how many runs third batsman scored ?

Answer: This example is also simple addition/subtraction example. The total score of first three batsmen are 115, lets write this in left hand side of our equation as below:

115 = score by 1st player + Score by 2nd Player + Score by 3rd Player

Now write scores of 1st and 2nd players at their respective place, so the equation will look like following:

115 = 23 + 51 + Score by 3rd Player
115 = 74 + Score by 3rd player
Hence; Score by 3rd Player = 115 − 74, which comes as: 41

So, score by 3rd player is 41 runs.