Class 3    Math    Complete the series
Identify the last diagram in the series

Question: Identify what diagram should appear in the last to complete the below pictures:

     complete the series by identifying last diagram

Answer: This is a very important type of question, which will be asked in various competitive exams. We need to pay special attention to solve such types of problems, as it needs a lot of focus and concentration.

If you look closely these shapes are moving in clockwise direction (from right to left). Now observe picture a and two, the arrow side of the image has moved from right to down, the arrow of third image has moved from down to left. So the arrows have moved in right – down – left direction, the final direction should be upward, so that it can complete one cycle. Hence the final image should be:

     diagram series example

You can solve another example as shown in the below diagram. In this example, identify what should be the second image.