Class 3    Math    Convert distance units

Understand how to measure distance and convert it's units

Question: The nearest school from my place is 1 kilometer and 70 meters. Can you convert this distance in meters only ?

Answer: Few basic things we need to know when it comes to measure distance or length. There are few measurement units, which we use to measure distance or length. Some of the measurement units are centimeter, meter and kilometer. When we add 100 centimeter then it becomes 1 meter and in the same way when we add 1000 meters then it becomes 1 kilometer.

Now the question is to convert 1 kilometer and 70 meters into meter

Let us rewrite this question in an equation form:

     1 kilometer + 70 meter = ----- meters
     1000 meter + 70 meter = 1070 Meters

So, the answer is 1070 meters