Class 4    Math    Graph concept

Present numbers in a graphical format

Question: Show following statement in a graphical chart: A purchased 30 mangoes in 100 rupees, B purchased 45 mangoes in 120 rupees, C purchased 45 mangoes 140 rupees, D purchased 60 mangoes 150 rupees, E purchased 70 mangoes in 160 rupees.

Answer: Before making following numbers in graph, let us create a simple table where create three columns as name, quantity and price:

Name Quantity Price
A 30 100
B 45 120
C 45 140
D 60 150
E 70 160

Now it becomes very simple to convert this table into a graph. There are generally two axes in a graph (sometimes 3), which are called X-axis and Y-axis. On these axes we need to select quantity and price values. Let us draw the graph as shown below:

place numbers in a graph

As you can see that in the X-axis we have taken price and in the Y-axis we have taken quantity and plotted the dotted line when two values intersect. This way it becomes very simple to demonstrate complex statistics in a simpler way. You can try plotting graph with different examples also, like draw graph with values of train station names and time taken to reach there. etc.